Lash 6.0 release candidate: testers needed!

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Lash 6.0 release candidate: testers needed!

Postby studio32 » Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:05 am

I would like to ask LASH beleivers and other interested parties to test
the first release candidate for 0.6.0. Juuso Alasuutari and me have been
doing some major changes to the lash code. We have done lot of work,
we've fixed several big implementation issues and we need stable point
before doing more changes (0.6.1 and 1.0 milestones).

In the tarball there is simple lash_control script. One can also control
LASH through patchage-0.4.2 and through lpatchage (availabe through

User visible changes since 0.5.4:
* Use jack D-Bus interface instead of libjack, enabled by default, can
be disabled. Ticket #1
* Allow controlling LASH through D-Bus. Ticket #2
* Use D-Bus autolaunching instead of old mechanism. Ticket #3
* Log file (~/.log/lash/lash.log) for LASH daemon. Ticket #4
* Client stdout/stderr are logged to lash.log, when clients are
launched by LASH daemon (project restore). Ticket #5
* Improved handling of misbehaved clients. Ticket #45
* Projects now can have comment and notes associated. Ticket #13

Download: ... c1.tar.bz2 ... ar.bz2.sig

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