The new zynaddsubfx ui in QT

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The new zynaddsubfx ui in QT

Post by laba170 »

I just opened some of the .ui files I found on zynaddsubfx's git pages in qt designer. It seems that the new QT ui is practically a copy of the original. Same layout and functionality.

I had hoped the UI would be redesigned with new functionality in mind, and not just redone in QT. What do you guys think?

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Re: The new zynaddsubfx ui in QT

Post by zwenny »

I didn't have a look at the .ui files on the git pages, but if you are right i would be disappointed, too.
But maybe there are not enough requests about a new designed user interface.
Did you request this as a feature?
If not, you should do it if you think it's important. Maybe we find some other users
here to support us and the request for a new designed ZynAddSubFX user interface.
Looking forward to look back what happens now

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Re: The new zynaddsubfx ui in QT

Post by studio32 »

The GUI isn't the strongest part of Zynaddsubfx, would be nice if it could be improved indeed +1 ... tid=502315

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Re: The new zynaddsubfx ui in QT

Post by maghoxfr »

I use yoshimi, it's the same, more stable (at least on my machine) and the GUI is nicer, it's almost the same but without the random font sizes.

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