Debian RT kernel

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Debian RT kernel

Post by studio32 »

OK, the vanilla-kernel + rt is done. See ...

for an announcment and ... an_en.html

for the documentation how to install it.

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deb sid main contrib non-free

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Re: Debian RT kernel

Post by GMaq »


This is certainly great news for Debian users, it has been a long wait. I sincerely hope this Kernel project can avoid following the trends into the poor performance wastelands that plagued 2.6.26 - 2.6.28. I have built at least 5 customized Vanilla-rt Kernels throughout the 2.6.28 - 2.6.29 cycle and with my M-Audio 1010LT there were major differences in performance in each Kernel. With the latest advancements -rt is no longer even a necessity with some hardware so I wish the developer the best...Consistent performance with the -rt patch is extremely difficult to maintain across such varied hardware. It will be a challenge to know when to hold a version and when to to embrace a new one. That being said it is still an exciting development!

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