Libre Music Challenge

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Libre Music Challenge

Post by rghvdberg »


I and others in Unfa's discord server were discussing about organising some sort of music "Challenge" and instead of thinking things thoroughly through we just went ahead and started. Of course there's no need to join the discord server, or other chat server (we're investigating a 'libre' messaging platform to adapt) and we thought this forum was a good place to announce and discuss/chat about the (hopefully) monthly challenge.

I want to be clear about this:
This is all in good fun, there are no prizes to win, nothing is set in stone.

Note: when using the word free, I mean free as in freedom, not free beer.

Nonetheless here are The General Rules
  1. Maybe the most important rule : HAVE FUN.
    • Be excellent to each other.
    • Help each other where you can.
    • Share your know-how, tips and tricks.
  2. Each challenge starts at the 1st Sunday of each month, this coincides with Unfa's live-stream on YouTube. The challenge ends one week before the next live-stream.
  3. Software
    • All submissions must be made with free (libre) audio software only.
    • A non-free operating system is allowed
  4. Submissions / Voting / Scoring
    • All submissions must be original work. No covers of existing songs, no remake or remixes of songs you already have.
    • Submissions between 2 to 3 minutes are preferred, this is not a 'hard rule' though.
    • When submitting an entry you agree that the song is published under a CC-BY-SA
    • Your submission might be played on YouTube, if you don't agree with that, please let us know and it won't be played.
    • Each person that enters the challenge must score all other tracks with a score from 1 to 5.
    • The submission with the most points is the "winner".
    • The prize is "eternal fame". The winning submission will be played during the livestream, unless you explicitly ask not too
    • The "organization" (that would be me!, Rob) can reject an entry.
    • The "organization" (again me!) can ask for the project files to check if the track complies with the rules.

That being said , here is the challenge for this (short) month.

Make a song with only this sample and free audio software.

wav download : ... 1QR4gIhy-c

You can mangle, edit, do anything with the sample as you like, provided the audio software you used is free (libre).

For submissions, chat , discussion go to this thread. viewtopic.php?f=40&t=21663

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Re: Libre Music Challenge

Post by Tammy Lopez »

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