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JammerNetz - internet jam sessions, aka Networked Music Performance software

Posted: Thu Apr 30, 2020 6:52 am
by khz
JammerNetz is an Open Source system for "networked music performance" (NMP), also known as "jamming over the internet". It consists of a lightweight server software, and a little UI client software that can use your audio devices and stream multiple uncompressed high-quality audio channels to other participants as a common mixdown.

The design choice is that if you have a modern DSL or fibre connection, there is no need to degrade your music experience using CODECs mostly designed for speech transmission as used in some other internet jam solutions. We are happily using JammerNetz since months for our weekly sessions with synths, voice, and electric guitar.

Of course be aware that the main influence on the quality has your internet provider and your choice where you are running the server. If you have high quality fibre and a good and fast ASIO-capable audio interface, you can expect 50ms total latency, which we think is awesome. Of course, if some participants are bound for cable internet and are trying to play together across all of Germany, even running the server in a suitable AWS instance in Frankfurt close to the internet's main hub will not get you much better than 70-80 ms total audio latency (including AD and DA conversion in your interface, not round trip time), which we feel is still worth the effort!
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