Carla 2.1-RC1

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Carla 2.1-RC1

Post by milk »

Carla 2.1 RC1 is here! - long post about updates, go read :)
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Re: Carla 2.1-RC1

Post by bluebell »

The UI bridge bug is back that hides the analyzer (only black background) in Calf plugins like some EQs.

Solution: Uncheck Engine->"Use UI bridge ..."

When used as a plugin in Qtrator, uncheck it as well and save the song.
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Re: Carla 2.1-RC1

Post by Kott »

Cool :)

Does anybody has successfully load Sunvox as Jack application in Carla? I've tried but Sunfox refuses to use Jack inside Carla and then swithed to ALSA mode after run.

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