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[ANN] Konfyt Digital Keyboard Workstation v1.1.0

Posted: Fri Dec 27, 2019 12:41 pm
by noedig
Konfyt 1.1.0 has been released!

Konfyt is a digital keyboard workstation for Linux which allows you to set up patches, each with multiple layers, and instantly switch between these patches for live keyboard playing. Patches may consist of multiple layers of soundfonts (.sf2), SFZ instruments, audio input ports and MIDI output ports. Konfyt features a library which allows quick access to soundfont programs and SFZs.

The source code and precompiled binaries are available on Github:

Some more info, links to videos and news are available on the Konfyt website:

A short release video is available on Youtube:

Notable features include:

- Searchable library of SFZ and soundfont (sf2) instruments with easy soundfont program browsing.
- Seamless patch switching - when holding notes or sustain while switching a patch, sounds keeps playing until released.
- Each patch can have multiple layers (SFZ, sf2 soundfonts, Audio and MIDI ports from and to other apps) with MIDI filtering and keyboard zones.
- Audio and MIDI connections to other JACK apps and hardware ports are automatically maintained.
- Triggers can be assigned to MIDI messages such as patch changes, volume and transpose.

Some new features in this version include:

- Each patch can be set to send MIDI events to other apps/hardware when activated and sysex messages are also now supported. MIDI send events can be saved for reuse in other projects.
- Fluidsynth 2 is also now supported.
- Config files are now saved to standard XDG directories.
- Carla support is now optional.

I hope you enjoy this. Any feedback is welcome.