RaySession version for testers v1.0.0-alpha.1 SNAPSHOTS

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RaySession version for testers v1.0.0-alpha.1 SNAPSHOTS

Post by houston4444 »

RaySession v1.0.0-alpha-1 release

this is a testing release, please don't use it for production.
It works quite well, but sessions made or worked with this version could be incompatible with future versions.

You will find it here: https://github.com/Houston4444/RaySessi ... .0-alpha.1
For production, prefer version 0.7.2 released on July 15th: https://github.com/Houston4444/RaySessi ... /tag/0.7.2

The main new feature is the snapshots manager.
The snapshot manager works with git, so testers are pleased to have git installed.

If git is present on system, a new button will appears on RaySession at the left of the server status bar, with a "rewind" icon.


Now, the principle:
Snapshots ARE NOT backups.
Snapshots will ignore many types of files with their extension (including .wav, .flac ...), and for security files bigger than 50Mb.
Its goal is to save history of config files and small files of clients (text_plain, xml ...).
This limit of 50Mb is not adjustable for the moment, maybe it should (per session? globally ?), I consider for now it's useless, maybe I am wrong.

If the auto-snapshot option is checked, a snapshot will be taken each time the session is saved, and you will see the server status saying 'snapshot' after 'save' (note: no snapshot will be taken if there is no changes since last snapshot).
If at one point, user decides that his last works on the session were useless, he can rewind the session to a previous snapshot.
For this, he will click on the "rewind" button (at the left of the server status bar) and follow instructions.

If a snapshot is long to take (>2s), a dialog window with a progress bar will appears.
User can safely abort snapshot, and then auto-snapshot will be disabled for this session.

For now, it works very well for my own use, but I don't use many and many different client softwares.
I would like the testers to try all audio softwares they use (even these ones without NSM or LASH compatibility), and see what happens.
It would be great to test big existing sessions too (duplicate the session and test the duplicated session !).
If taking a snapshot is long, there is certainly a client which uses many files with a not ignored extension.
If this file extension is globally not used by another software, then this extension should be added to the list of extensions globally ignored.

There is also the possibility to manage ignored and not ignored extensions per client, in client properties window.
The edit line "Snapshots Ignored Extensions" contains all ignored extensions, including all globally ignored extensions.
By default, this line will contains globally ignored extensions, no more no less.

And for sure, test to return to a previous snapshot and see if the behavior is good.
You can also return to a previous snapshot one client only in client context menu.

For your information, snapshots are saved in the session directory in the hidden folder .ray-snapshots which is the same as would be a .git folder in a git project.

Obviously, duplicate or save as template a session doesn't copy session's history. It would not make sense.

In this version, auto-snapshot is enabled by default (if git is present). It would be nice if it can stay this way, results will say.

This release doesn't interrupts releases in 0.x.x .
The version v1.0.0 will not be released before an important documentation work.

thank you in advance to all the brave!

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