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Gxtuner release 3.0: Just Intonation tuner

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 1:34 pm
by Broomy
Gxtuner is a simple yet effective standalone tuner with full jack session management support.

I've reworked gxtuner (with tramp as a patient and gracious mentor to assist me), to be able to tune all sorts of just intervals.

There's a good article on wikipedia if you're not familiar with Just Intonation.

I used (a slightly altered version of) the so called Ben Johnston tuning system. Ben Johnston sets "C" as the base and all notes have a unique ratio compared to this base. For instance G has a 3/2 ratio and E- (see below for the minus) a 5/4.
I used the 3-limit or Pythagorean tuning to set my basic notes:
When needed, extra characters are added to these basenotes to describe the ratio. For instance the ratio 5/4 is calculated as follows: A Pythagorean E (81/64) is lowered with a so called syntonic comma (80/81)--> 81/64*80/81=5/4. The lowering of syntonic comma is expressed with a "-", so the notename for 5/4 is E-.
Another example, ratio 7/4 is a Pythagorean B, with a flat and a 7 comma added. In numbers that is: 243/128*2048/2187*63/64=7/4. The notename is Bb7.

There are several scales available and more to be added any time soon.

Because it is a work in progress (and for me these are my baby steps in programming): suggestions and advice are highly appreciated.


Re: Gxtuner release 3.0: Just Intonation tuner

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:21 pm
by wolftune
For reference, KXStudio package request is already open: