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LV2 progress: multichannel and VST/AU support

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:48 am
by studio32
read on our planet.linuxmusicians
In summary: many LV2 plugins now exist with useful multi-channel information, and stereo LV2 plugins now work correctly in GStreamer. It should now be simple to add support for other audio plugin interfaces (VST? AudioUnits?) that also works with multi-channel streams.

Next up:

* Get the “role” information from the plugin data and use it to support surround streams correctly
* Finalize and publish the LV2 Port Groups extension, and contribute patches for all major plugin collections

Where to go from there is pretty open-ended. Unlike LADSPA, LV2 can theoretically support any kind of data, or any feature (non-realtime and non-audio things included). Extensions just need to be made to bridge the gap. What sort of functionality would you like to see bridge the GStreamer/LV2 gap?
Seems good new right? So almost time to have pianoteq as LV2 plugin?

Re: LV2 progress: multichannel and VST/AU support

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 10:23 am
by studio32
Mmh one problem of LV2 seems, that professional plugin writers find it to complex or doesn't want to learn another tool..
[vr jul 10 2009] [22:12:42] <las> nedko: vstgui is fading away, JUCE is doing well, OpenGL is still what the biggest plugin development companies use
Another problem seems to be that LV2 doesn't work in QT hosts yet...

Mmh would be nice if we could get LV2 accepted by the industry...