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Re: Linux REAPER works!

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 4:20 pm
by danboid
You currently cannot view native VST plugin UIs nor load VST presets. I don't know what else isn't working but those issues alone are enough to keep me using it under wine until fixed.

Otherwise, its shaping up nicely. I was never expecting an ARM build too! :)

Re: Linux REAPER works!

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 4:27 pm
by wolftune
Thanks, and for Wine, stick to 32-bit still, or?

Re: Linux REAPER works!

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 4:30 pm
by danboid
I should've said you can't load VST presets for some plugins (such as the U-he ones), I think you can load presets for some plugins IIRC.

I'm running 64 bit REAPER under wine and I've not encountered any issues yet.

Re: Linux REAPER works!

Posted: Mon Nov 28, 2016 2:28 am
by Kott
New 529 build. Haven't tested it yet.

Re: Linux REAPER works!

Posted: Mon Nov 28, 2016 4:08 am
by sysrqer
Doesn't seem to be much different at first glance. Good to know it's still on the dev's radar though.

Re: Linux REAPER works!

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:44 pm
by norru
I am running Reaper 5.29 64bit, native Linux Ubuntu 16.10 amd64, with latest built from git source commit 9d5df58526783203ded4536efd01e1255da6f54e.

There is a tweak needed to the Makefile, otherwise doesn't get loaded.

nico@nico-lenovo-ubuntu:/opt/reaper_linux_x86_64/WDL-public$ git diff
diff --git a/WDL/swell/Makefile b/WDL/swell/Makefile
index 5a4ce8f..1876ba0 100644
--- a/WDL/swell/Makefile
+++ b/WDL/swell/Makefile
@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ default:
.PHONY: clean $(OBJS)
- $(CXX) -shared -o $@ $(CFLAGS) $(LFLAGS) $(LINKEXTRA) $^
+ $(CXX) -shared -o $@ $(CFLAGS) $(LFLAGS) $^ $(LINKEXTRA)

test: $(OBJS) test.o
$(CXX) -o test $(CFLAGS) $(LFLAGS) $(LINKEXTRA) $^

It's mostly functional, except that the native VST GUI doesn't render and the font spacing is kind of crammed. Excellent progress but scarcity of native instruments except from the ones provided such as ReaSynth.

Native LV2/LADSPA or DSSI would be a great addition,for Yoshimi/ZynAddSubFx and FluidSynth + GeneralUser.

Re: Linux REAPER works!

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:07 pm
by sysrqer
Zynaddsubfx has a vst plugin but those formats would be great.

Re: Linux REAPER works!

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2017 3:54 am
by ubuntuuser
danboid wrote:Since when did Linux-native REAPER start working? It's certainly not finished but you can already record with the native Linux version of REAPER.

The main issue as it stands is that it seems you are restricted to the plugins that are bundled with REAPER, or at least I have had no success in getting it to recognise the U-he Linux VSTs I have installed. The font rendering needs some love and the file dialogues aren't working properly but JACK IO is working and I have successfully recorded, saved and loaded a small test session with a few FX and played around with the MIDI editor a bit. Native Linux REAPER is most of the way to being a usable reality, all it needs now is a talented, interested coder to add the finishing touches to WDL as Linux would seem to be something COCKOS are willing to support but not prioritise, yet.

It only took me a minute to install REAPER from the AUR but take note of the editing required to the PKGBUILD mentioned in the only comment on its AUR page.

The latest Reaper Linux version (5.29) seems pretty stable to me.

It does do vst's but with just a basic UI, so there are no visual buttons or knobs and just mainly basic sliders and things like kit loading into Drumgizmo won't work or loading presets into u-he won't work because there are no buttons appearing to actually enable it.

But there are some workarounds.

I've had the u-he vst's running but the h2p preset files (u-he's own cross platform preset format) can't be loaded (no plugin gui) but fxp preset files can be loaded via Reaper, so the h2p presets need to be saved to fxp format (u-he seems to name these native preset files) using the u-he vst's in another host like Ardour or Tracktion etc and then the saved fxp presets need to be copied out of u-he's hidden diectory (home/username/.u-he) so that Reaper can see them as Reaper doesn't seem to be able to see hidden directories.

After all of that, the u-he presets work as expected in Reaper.

There are some u-he fxp presets floating around on the net already such as Retrohead for Triplecheese and Factory Remix for Zebra and Magnetic for Podolski

Reaper Linux can load vst fxp/fxb preset files for a Linux vst plugin.

(save as fxb = saves all presets in the current plugin.
save as fxp = saves the current preset only)

I've also had the Drumgizmo vst running in Reaper Linux but the file loading buttons (Browse buttons) don't appear on the basic vst UI, so I modded the Drumgizmo code to autoload the kits and it all works very well.

Another way is to use Carla or Jost (I had to modify the Jost mutichannel code) as a vst host and load the Drumgizmo vst into it and then connect the outputs to Reaper ins using QJackCtl etc.

(The Drumgizmo vst needs to be compiled from the latest sources to get around a JUCE bug that stopped the Drumgizmo browse buttons working in Tracktion and Jost etc).

Reaper Linux can have multiple ins and outs appearing as Jack in and out connections, so connecting a multi channel host (hosting multichannel Drumgizmo) up to Reapers track inputs isn't that hard, and then each track in Reaper can have it's own vst effects, like for example the Drumgizmo snare track can have effects placed on it inside Reaper.

Sending a midi file in Reaper (track 1) to Drumgizmo loaded into Jost and then receiving the Drumgizmo audio channels (I only connected 4 channels up for the test) back into Reaper on tracks 2,3, 4 and 5.

Connecting the Jost output channels to Reaper inputs.


Connecting for monitoring in Reaper.


Connecting Reaper midi out to Jost midi in.


Drumgizmo channel connection in Jost.


Playing the track 1 midi file and recieving Drumgizmo drum channels on tracks 2,3,4 and 5.



Using Carla





Re: Linux REAPER works!

Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:01 pm
by ubuntuuser
I've written a pretty rough and basic u-he h2p preset to vst fxp preset batch converter for Podolski and Zebralette that seems to work.

I might do it for some others as well.

I've managed to batch convert all of the standard h2p presets in a couple of minutes for Podolski and Zebralette.

It should work with the standard u-he presets and any other h2p presets available on the net (only for Podolski and Zebralette at the moment).

Basically the u-he h2p preset files are vst fxp files without a header, so I just put a header on the h2p files and then they are vst fxp files which can be used in Reaper Linux with u-he's Linux vst plugins.

At the moment Reaper Linux has only a basic vst plugin UI and u-he's h2p presets can't be loaded but fxp presets can, so that's where the h2p to fxp converter comes into it.

Once the Podolski and Zebralette h2p preset files are converted to fxp, then they can be loaded into the Podolski and Zebralette plugins using the Reaper Linux fxp/fxb preset loader for the plugins .

Basically the podotofxp file and the podtoxfp file need to be copied to the Podowlski preset folder which is in /home/username/.u-he/Podolski/Presets/Podowlski or something like that.

The presets can be in located in multiple directories so it needs to be done like that for all of the preset directories (not that many preset directories to deal with).

cd into that preset directory and copy the podotofxp file and the podtoxfp file to it and then

chmod +x podtoxfp

and then


You should hopefully see new fxp files in the directory, so copy them out to a folder on the Desktop or wherever so that Reaper Linux can see them and load them (Reaper Linux can't seem to see the .u-he hidden directory and so can't load the fxp files from there).

Then load the fxp files into the Poldoski plugin in Reaper.

Same thing goes for Zebralette except the preset folder is home/username/.u-he/Zebra2/Presets/Zebralette or something like that, and the ztofxp and zebralettetofxp files need to be copied to the preset directory.

cd into that preset directory and copy the zebralettetofxp file and the ztofxp file to it and then

chmod +x ztofxp

and then


copy the fxp presets to somewhere where Reaper Linux can see them and then use them with the Zebralette plugin.

Before and after Podolski plugin settings after loading a h2p to fxp converted u-he Podolski preset





Re: Linux REAPER works!

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:26 am
by ubuntuuser
There is a Drumgizmo Muldjord v2 Reaper template that uses Reaper tracks instead of the Drumgizmo plugin at

The paths are fixed and are windows paths but redirecting Reaper Linux to the Muldjord Linux paths and enabling the Search autosearch option (On successful search, autosearch for other missing files) seems to work when loading the template and it's just a case of redirecting Reaper to the drum directories (Kick, Snare etc) and then Reaper autoloads the files and then the template can be saved for Reaper Linux.

Tested the Muldjord v2 kit template with Reaper Linux and it works well but needs 4GB to load.
The template needed some file path changing which took a couple of minutes using the Search autosearch option when loading the template.

The SM_MegaReaper_Drumkit_Lite Reaper project loads with no file path changing and it needs 4GB of memory, the SM_MegaReaper_Drumkit needs 6GB.

Another ... Vja1k/view (I tested this one and it works fine with the Reaper Linux Reasamplomatic with some file path changing.

Reaper BigMono drums

Seeing that the Reaper Linux default track pan and volume knobs don't work very well at the moment it's probably best to avoid them and change the pan knobs to dual pan sliders in the mixer window and the track volume can be controlled in the mixer window.

In project settings set pan mode to Dual Pan then save as default.


Re: Linux REAPER works!

Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 8:00 am
by ubuntuuser
Pros and Cons of Reaper Linux as it currently stands.


All of the Linux vst's I've tried seem to work.

All of the Reaper builtin plugins seem to work.

Pretty stable.

Reaper Linux has it's multiple tracks (not limited to 2 ins and 2 outs) appearing as Jack connections, so anything can be routed into and out of the Reaper tracks via Jack.

No need for Wine.


The vst UI is pretty basic and some controls can't be accessed because of it, but there are some workarounds.

Reaper's knobs can't seem to be controlled properly with the mouse so panning knobs need to be set to "dual pan" sliders.

Some other things might not work as expected.

Re: Linux REAPER works!

Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:42 pm
by ubuntuuser
Reaper Megababy Step Sequencer working with the u-he Podolski Linux vst loaded with the fxp (converted) UH Rave Pad1 preset.



Re: Linux REAPER works!

Posted: Wed Jan 25, 2017 2:24 pm
by bobbyshane
Just installed Linux Reaper the other day. Have used Win Reaper and Wine Reaper for years. Am I missing something or is there something special you have to do for Reaper to even see VST plugins? When I add my VST folder and/or make a new one, it doesn't seem to find them.

Re: Linux REAPER works!

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 8:37 pm
by glowrak guy
I think linux reaper is meant to support native linux plugin formats rather than windows/steinberg vsts.
Like you, I've used reaper in wine for a long and happy time.

The U-he 'native linux vst' plugins might be a good test for linux reaper progress, found at ... 92668b6400

TyrellN6, Podolski, TripleCheese, and Protoverb are free, they install by running a script, which places a link
in /home/you/.vst to /home/you/u-he. Installing the Zebra2 demo also installs another freebie,
Zebralette, a fully working portion of the main instrument.
Good luck!

Re: Linux REAPER works!

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 4:17 am
by ubuntuuser
bobbyshane wrote:Just installed Linux Reaper the other day. Have used Win Reaper and Wine Reaper for years. Am I missing something or is there something special you have to do for Reaper to even see VST plugins? When I add my VST folder and/or make a new one, it doesn't seem to find them.

It deals with native Linux vst's.

Reaper Linux is missing a few things, like the vst UI interface and the pan knobs don't work so they need to be set to "dual pan" sliders.

u-he native Linux vst plugins (and others) work but seeing there is no vst UI, then it's impossible to load u-he presets, but there are some workarounds like converting the u-he presets to fxp files and then Reaper Linux can load them and it's posted above.

I'm trying to see whether a vst UI wrapper is possible for native Linux Reaper, and so far I've had some success viewtopic.php?f=48&t=16597&start=90