[ANN] Konfyt Digital Keyboard Workstation v1.1.3

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[ANN] Konfyt Digital Keyboard Workstation v1.1.3

Post by noedig »

Konfyt 1.1.3 has been released!

Konfyt is a digital keyboard workstation for Linux which allows you to set up patches, each with multiple layers, and instantly switch between these patches for live keyboard playing. Patches may consist of multiple layers of soundfonts (.sf2), SFZ instruments, audio input ports and MIDI output ports. Konfyt features a library for quick access to soundfont programs and SFZs.

The source code and precompiled binaries are available on Github:

The documentation has been migrated to Sphinx and is hosted at Read the Docs:

Some more info, links to videos and news are available on the Konfyt website:



- Per-layer audio output indicator
- Two Konfyt instances can now run in parallel, nicely sharing Linuxsampler
- Orphaned Linuxsampler channels and devices (due to previous app instance crash)
are now cleaned up at startup
- MIDI output port layer output (right-hand side) button now has link to port connections
- Xrun messages show time since last xrun
- Patch layers can now be reordered


- Removed multi-project tabs. They were rarely (never?) used, buggy and
resulted in unnecessary maintenance. Multiple app instances can be used


- Fix crash when loading sfz file if Linuxsampler is not installed
- Fix copying a patch pointing to original patch layers
- Fix always-active patch volume not changed by global volume when other patch is active
- SFZ engine startup delay handled better, fixes loading sfz files through
command-line when Linuxsampler is not running yet
- Fix CC value not loaded correctly for MIDI Send Events


- Patch list behaviour and interaction improved
- Code cleanup and organisation, largely concerning the database
- Window title is now Patch - Project [Jack Client Name]
- Sustain indication in GUI has threshold of 64
- Bank/program messages received now handled per port and channel
- MIDI filter screen last received messages only shown from associated port/layer

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Re: [ANN] Konfyt Digital Keyboard Workstation v1.1.3

Post by Lèyon di li Neûris′ »

This looks promising!
I wish I could test it (it's not possible in my current situation :().
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-a trochu česky.

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