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Indonesian Rock Bands

Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2020 9:17 pm

Has anyone ever listened to Indonesian Rock Bands?

A few days ago I made a good deal at Ebay. Six audio cassettes of Indonesian Rock Bands, each one for 1 Euro plus 4.50 Euro transportation/shipping.

- Dewa 19 (2)
- Edane
- Jamrud
- Powerslaves
- Katon

All received today and already listened to two of them.

Edane is singing in English (edit: and Indonesian), but Jamrud is singing in Indonesian language. Good stuff, really! :D
Looking forward to listen to the other four tapes. :!:

Re: Indonesian Rock Bands

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2020 2:46 pm
by jonetsu
I've checked some out a couple of years ago. You know that Joko Widodo, Indonesia's president is a fan of metal music. He owns a guitar from Metallica and went to several metal concerts. He also used to play metal.

What stood out for me at that time was Voice of Baceprot. What's also interesting is that these three muslim women are playing metal and there are no qualms about religion, as the crowds are mixed, muslim and non muslim, in a country with 87% percent of muslims. And yes, there are some terrorist attacks although they are in the province of Aceh, which is rather more towards islam with sharia and all that. Aceh's population is 4.7 million out of a total Indonesian population of 237 million.

Here is VOB live, 45 minute clip:

Another good clip of VOB is this studio session, about 15 minutes:

Meliani is quite a good (metal) guitar player. The thing with this is that Indonesians can also created from a pool of traditional age-old harmonies and scales.

And yet another one, on acoustic guitar:

It's interesting to see all those people playing guitar when their president is a metal fan. Like if Merkel was a fan of spätzle and then a lot of Germans would eat spätzle. Wait ....