Take 5 in 4/4 wtf ?

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Take 5 in 4/4 wtf ?

Post by Gps »

This track I found, and I do like a bit, bugs the hell out of me.

For those that don't know the original Take 5 is a jazz number:


Now why does this bug me out, you might wonder?
Take 5 is not in 4/4.

The ska version clearly is ? I mean wtf.
Trying to wrap my head around how this can work.

Is it the pause they play, to fit it in an 8 count?

"Take Five" is written in the key of E♭ minor, in ternary (ABA) form and in 5 4 time. Rhythmically, the five beats to the bar are split unevenly into 3 + 2 quarter notes; that is, the main accents (and chord changes) are on the first and fourth beats.

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Re: Take 5 in 4/4 wtf ?

Post by TAERSH »

You should post a link to the ska version! :lol:

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