How do you perform live ? (hardware, feeling, etc...)

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How do you perform live ? (hardware, feeling, etc...)

Post by polk9 »

Hi all,

I'm planning with my solo electronic project (6klop - link in signature) to do live sessions on internet and IRL concerts.
I did a lot of concerts in my life as a drummer but i never went on the stage as an electronic musician so I'd like to collect advices and feelings about how your electronic music on stage.

Do you play any instruments or are you just playing with pads/buttons etc... ? > What's your gear/software ?
What's the role of your computer ?
What are your main problems and how did you solved it ?
How would you update your live project ?
About arrangement, do you have different versions between "studio" version and "live" version ?
What kind of music are you playing ?

Cheers to all and thanks in advance for your returns :)

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Re: How do you perform live ? (hardware, feeling, etc...)

Post by thumbknuckle »

I do a solo electronic music thing sometimes. The music is sort of weirdo ambient / noise / spectral / whatever with a fair amount of improvisation involved.

I do not have a computer keyboard or mouse or monitor on stage with me because that strikes me as lame.

I play bass guitar, a second bass set up with various mechanical preparations, and keyboards. My computer is a Raspberry Pi 3 running jackd, fluidsynth, and pure data. I have an M Audio keystation, a Behringer BCF8, and an XBox controller for MIDI note and CC inputs. Audio in and out is handled by a Behringer XR18. I make my living as a live audio engineer so I have several choices for an amp. Usually a Presonus ULT12 powered speaker, which I can heartily recommend as best in it's class. Sometimes mono, sometimes stereo, sometimes I even do a four channel surround thing.

That's what is working for me. Let me know if there is anything specific you would like input on. I have tried several different approaches and have worked with tons of clients doing all sorts of different things.
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