The best and weirdest band you never heard of

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The best and weirdest band you never heard of

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They're a french band called "Magma". Don't try to discern the lyrics. They sing in Kobaian, which is the language of the planet Kobaia. (It's a long story). During performances, the drummer is known to channel a telepathic kobaian "messenger" known as Kohrmann, which accounts for the aura of demonic possession.

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Let me add a few links. A band that's 50 years old this year deserves it.

The words are rather sounds fitted to the music, although some meanings were eventually attached to them.

It is by no means 'demonic' but rather, has a strong spiritual approach. Along with the references to Otis Redding and John Coltrane, and the presence of "gospel-like" approaches in some pieces.

Their latest is a recording for the first time ever, of a piece from the 70s. Recorded with the Prague philharmonic. This is the trailer, with English sub-titles. They played in Paris earlier this year with a French philharmonic.

The video clip you have linked was part of the 1-month series of concerts, 5 per week, at Le Triton in Paris. And that was the best incarnation of Magma, with the extraordinary vocals by Antoine. And also James McGaw, the 'English' of the band and his incredible guitar playing. James is fighting a cancer since then. And then the incredible bass work by Philippe Bussonet.

This clip starts at the bass solo in MDK, followed by the guitar solo. Listen to the ongoing bass riff after the solo. Warning: the clip stops sharply a bit after the band gets back together, so if you get into the groove, you are forewarned:

The current singer Hervé is not as good as he cannot 'let go' and dig deeply inside himself for expressions.

Antoine and his sister Himiko (vocals) are son and daughter of one of the first bass player in Magma.

What could be the closest to a regular song:


And for perspective:

Sweet disco !

Soul singing ! 2018, Vienna. Drummer and Magma composer Christian Vander on lead vocals.

Here's the jazzier/improvised Fusion featuring four original Magma members, Christian Vander on drums, Jannick Top on bass, Benoît Widemann on keys and the late Didier Lockwood on violin:


"When you play music, try to put all of yourself behind every note" - C. Vander

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Re: The best and weirdest band you never heard of

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Great, legendary band. They have inspired an entire sub genre known as 'Zeuhl', from the Kobian for 'celestial'.
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