What kind of musician am I?

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Re: What kind of musician am I?

Post by nickture »

Eh, you're being too hard on yourself! In my eyes, to be a musician is to use any means to get an idea across. I've dabbled in jazz, folk, pure synth-based OST type stuff, and I don't plan on "sticking" to one particular style. Don't feel as though you must limit yourself to one idiom over another; if you have something to say, you can be free to use any stylistic approach you want.

Be free, my friend.

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Re: What kind of musician am I?

Post by Digital Larry »

Similar situation, but not just about music. I don't really want to learn anything new style wise. I would like to record some things and finish some things off. Last weekend I actually wrote lyrics for an entire song in about half an hour, which never happens. But that's the way it's supposed to happen. What I'm trying to do is to drop some of the things I mess with some time. Like those old tube amp restoration projects. But I still do stupid things like try to compile SooperLooper on the Pi. It's too easy in this day and age to have too many things to distract one's self. It's also easier to start things than to finish them. So that's my excuse as to why it happens so much. Finishing things is more like work.

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Re: What kind of musician am I?

Post by wjl »

Interesting thread here.

For me, I'm a constant learner. Not so much of a 'jammer', but I still enjoy being a member of Wikiloops, an online 'jamming' platform where I sometimes try to add a bass to a piece if it still needs one, or I try to improve a mix, whatever.

After a bit more than two years of membership, I recently published a kind of a double album, which makes it album no. 9&10 if you count them all (no. 7 was one together with my daughter). I wrote about the latest (all songs on it are with the same singer from Wales, UK) here: https://wolfgang.lonien.de/2020/03/%e8% ... i-vol-1-2/

And because of my activities I was also asked to help out in real life for a (double) bass player who had to pause for about half a year or so because of a carpal tunnel operation. That was in an orchestra, so playing sheet music again, something I hadn't done since about 40 years ago or so.

Sometimes I write some short help articles in the forae of that platform as well - there are other musicians there using Linux as well, and some others might be interested I think.

Gigs in real life? Not that many, but I had some as well. Not now anymore of course, during this lockdown I think Wikiloops (or other platforms of that kind) are more important than ever if you don't want to be completely alone, and if you don't have a real and regular band.

more about me on my blog

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