Pro Musician making music that goes into thin air

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Pro Musician making music that goes into thin air

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I don't know what professional means. But to me it means: someone who does something everyday from getting up to going to bed, and they do it to the best of their ability with maximum attention to the quality of the product.

I satisfy the above. My only music qualification is that I make music. I am 100% self taught. I use modes, scales, keys and all that stuff. I make any kind of music: rock, pop, orchestral, jazz, techno... The only thing that I cannot do is sing. I have been trying to find any Linux distros that want a sound set for opening folders, start up, close etc. Yesterday I sent an email to FerenOS with some example intro Linux OS sounds. I have to get the Sad Panda part out the way; I make my music on Windows 7 with FL Studio. I don't like Windows. I am making transitional plans to go to Linux in 2020 once support for Windows 7 ends. Had I known that the nightmare fuel of Windows 10 was going to happen I would have gone to Linux a long time ago; I cannot believe that Cortana could be impossible to remove. So if it makes you a sad panda that I use commercial, closed source software to make music, then maybe I am not the person to make music for you. If that's a problem.

I don't want any money. CC V4.0 as a licence is fine. For anyone who wonders "why don't you apply for the free music archive etc" well, I've tried all that. The Free Music archive are idiots; they don't want music. They are just a commercial front for a radio station. I also hate social media. So if anybody asks me for Twitter etc, I don't have any. I also don't have a website. Because who would ever find it?

So if anyone is interested in me making a music sound set for a Linux distro, please let me know below.
Thank you.

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