Real-time percussion modelling 'demo'

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Real-time percussion modelling 'demo'

Postby jonetsu » Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:46 pm

That technology exists and is quite affordable. It comes from Standford University and was licensed by Yamaha. Then Korg used it to make the Wavedrum.

Since I connected mine today I thought of doing a quick 'demo', just 1 minute in which:

- fingers are brushed
- nails are brushed
- fingers are tapping
- nails are tapping
- pressure is applied

and variations thereof. The preset is 'djembe'.

The Wavedrum is connected to the usual stereo tube preamp and compressor used for acoustic guitar, but with different settings, and then a bit of reverb was added. The Wavedrum currently has a Remo drum skin. There is no MIDI output.

Sound On Sound calls it 'true physical modelling'.


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