SoundCloud: No "New Age" category in chart?

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SoundCloud: No "New Age" category in chart?

Postby GraysonPeddie » Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:23 am

Why doesn't SoundCloud have a "New Age" category in chart when searching for new music?

One of the examples are my three songs that have a "New Age" tag, but in Charts, there's no "New Age" which is more appropriate for my three songs. Soundtrack would probably be it, but in my opinion, it's too broad. Is "New Age" too broad as well?

As far as I've Google'd for a definition, a soundtrack is "a recording of the musical accompaniment to a movie." I did not intend my songs to be in "soundtrack" category. Sure, my songs could be used in films (I've had this discussion before in Original Scores forum last year), but mine is more philosophical in nature -- a "change the world for the better" kind of thing. I'm an advocate of Resource-Based Economy (The Venus Project) and Open Economy (Free World Charter) and I feel that my songs do not belong in any of the categories (including "soundtrack") when adding a new track.

I could have my songs in "Electronic," but it's got some orchestration pieces as samples from Digital Sound Factory Studio Orchestra. And in "Building a World From a Grid," there are some percussions in slow part of the song that is more of nature, along with woodwind instruments that adds into the slow pace of the song. The slow parts of a song depicts building lush landscapes from the ground up with waterfalls, lush trees, gardens, and even lakes. Maybe even oasis in desert. Whereas the faster pace of my song depicts building cities of tomorrow -- something like from Tron: Legacy but with a more utopian--uplifting feel, like something from Tomorrowland or Epcot. And that's what's called "Building a World From a Grid" (but I did share my song in the Original Scores forum).

So again, this all came from my imagination so why does SoundCloud omit the "New Age" category?

I am supporting the cause and I like to contribute my music in a nice, positive way and "electronic" and "soundtrack" category is not one of them.
--Grayson Peddie

Music Interest: New Age w/ a mix of modern smooth jazz, light techno/trance & downtempo -- something Epcot Future World/Tomorrowland-flavored.

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