Experiments audio on debian stretch 9 + synths + qjack + alsa midi

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Experiments audio on debian stretch 9 + synths + qjack + alsa midi

Postby gennargiu » Tue Jan 24, 2017 8:55 pm

hello guys come MANY of you know my passion for electronic music and ambient IN years has Brought me a Grow What I consider this a wonderful pastime and that is the Music Production Through Programs and Tools SIA software What hardware. AFTER nearly a decade of software use SECTOR On Platform Mac OSX with a few jumping Even on Windows systems Today I am with passion, curiosity and always pleasant to confront systems New devoting myself to the same hobby, but on open source systems That Have Made Significant steps forward in this Scope. For my trials I am availing itself of various software tools including University In official Debian repo Che and The heart of Practically my installation again And that soon Just debian stretch will release the stable version will go to totally replace Mac OSX with no particular sorrow but with the awareness of being in front of an open system Very What BEGINS carve out an ever more affezzionati in your use. It placed three movies made this morning dove Over a distance wiring SEE Through the photos of my hardware and software configuration hope to keep you in good company with some good music to relax.
Come I used configuration: debian section 9 RC 1 partner's desk with 1.16.1, alpha lexicon USB sound card, MIDI interface mAudio MIDISPORT 2x2 (need to use the Install From repo of debian PACKAGE Its firmware) Yamaha DX7 coming master keyboard, Yoshimi and zynnaddsub virtual synth fx come in stand alone. VI EN What to say at this time I am dedicated Also Very ad ardor 5.5 for hardware synthesizers of my audio recording.

Here the vision of the video product this morning
https://www.facebook.com/gennaro.giugli ... 718921767/

https://www.facebook.com/gennaro.giugli ... 315584374/

https://www.youtube.com/attribution_lin ... re%3Dshare

https://www.youtube.com/attribution_lin ... re%3Dshare

https://www.facebook.com/gennaro.giugli ... 512221321/

Hp Elite 8200 3,1 Ghz - 16 Giga Ram Hd 2 Terabyte - Av Linux 64 (Debian Stretch 9 based + Repo kxstudio) - Ardour 5,12 - Mixbus 5
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