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High peeps. Just a shorty letting you know that my site is now up and running.
Instead of it just being 'MY music site', I decided to give something back to people who have listened, commented and those I have made friends with over the years in music.

We all know how difficult it is to get heard, but so far anyway, the site is matching up well against others.
I'm working on a site player now, but I expect this will take a little while to complete, and of course I have an album to write which will take me out of the mainstream I suspect for sometime, but..... I assure you, this time, it will be totally Linux driven. Actually I have to add my penguin on the site, which will happen shortly.

I ditched facebook sometime ago now. I do not see it as a perspective even, it is just a chat room. Forums, are, and were the places where information could be gathered. I hopefully intend the sites forum to become such a place. (With a few tweeks).

Unix/Linux has served me so well over the years, that I could not in all honesty, and with the help I've had with so many people working for zilch, go any further without calling the tune in Linux. There's a point to prove here, if nothing else.

Thank you to the people of LinuxMusicians who helped me in the past also. I shall provide a link to here too.
Best wishes, I hope you sign up for the project, I can provide some case studies as regards search engine placement if you require it, but it just works. Just like Linux.


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