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Re: Song vs. Instrumental

Postby jonetsu » Sun Apr 29, 2018 12:22 pm

42low wrote:I guess (almost know for sure) that the instrumental producers try to communicate particular emotions too and is also is bounded in it's emotional background.

Music is largely emotions. What I wrote a few messages back is how I (and many others) are going about with instrumental music: that it is also telling a story. The use of minor chords, their harmonies, will not be apt to bring joy, the opposite of the use of major chords. And then all the modulations in between. And then scales in other modes, other cultures. The melodies, the rhythm, the power or the lay back, all contributes to a mini journey of some sort, from the beginning to the end of the piece. Music by itself, without words, has a lot of influence on the mind and spirit. And a lot of that is mapped by techniques, for the better and for the worse. For the worse is when composers are going by the book. They are experts are theory and can produce rich set of chords instantly in any mood but... they sound so sterile in doing so. They know exactly how to string chords and melodies together to produce effects and emotions, and even though it sounds very nice, there's a feeling of "mathematics" behind their productions.

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Re: Song vs. Instrumental

Postby jonetsu » Tue May 01, 2018 12:08 am

Yes, but a love song remains a love song, because somewhere in the words there'll be "love" along with a suggestion that it's not a broken love or something like that, and is indeed a love song.

And then there's the factor on language. So far we all assume everyone understands English. So in such a case we can have words that are not understood although the human voice carries emotions. In which case it becomes an instrumental in a way. For instance this great performance by Tan WeiWei:

It's full of emotions but you will not be able to tell what it is about. The human voice, when one does not understand the words becomes more of an instrument.

And it can also by ambiguous. For instance here, are they angry about something ? Hanggai:

And even more, when song becomes story-telling of emotions pertaining to environmental states, then the meaning is well hidden in the language, and the music - and the vocals - remains as instruments. Värttinä:

Songs with words, but then, songs with words we understand. If not, it becomes an instrumental, a boosted instrumental becomes there's no instrument that can replace the human voice. 8)

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Re: Song vs. Instrumental

Postby aimeusdietger » Wed Oct 31, 2018 6:52 pm

GraysonPeddie wrote:Is it possible that a song that does not have lyric/vocal should not be a song, but instrumental? If a lead instrument that performs a melody, can it be a song?

I can picture this:

Listener: Hey, what song is this?
Musician: It's not a song since there isn't a vocal. It's classified as instrumental.
Listener: Well... So? So what?
Musician: To be classified as a song, I have to add lyrics to a song and sing into it, so since I didn't, it's not a song. It's instrumental

Okay, am I not making any sense at all?

Cranky said that my songs are not instrumental. Noticed that I could have used "it" or "my music" but... I don't know. ... /#comments

So here's a song from Checkfield called "Carousel."

And let me ask you guys again: Does Checkfield compose "it" as "instrumental" or a "song?" Checkfield's song has a very beautiful structure and the melody is very memorable that I don't see the song as having lyrics at all. And this is the reason why I use "it" for determining whether a piece of a music is a song or an instrumental.

If it has melody then its a song!! it does not matter if has lyrics or not... why call it instrumental,, just instrumental when you easily find yourself humming to it in the shower or in the kitchen??

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