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Post by Eli »

I like much from days past, mostly bossa nova, cool jazz and fusion. People like Bill Evans, Roy Ayers, Bob James, Deodata, Astrud Gilberto, Herbie Hancock, Idris Muhammad, Lonnie Smith, stuff like that.

In modern times, there’s a lot of younger talent I’m all about. I think my favorite in this category is the jazz hiphop pianist, Kiefer. There’s also people mixing jazz and electronic, like Anomalie. Good shit
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Post by WforWoollyMammoth »

Most of the greats - Miles, Coltrane, Shorter, Hancock, Zawinul... from the "not as well-known" ones Eric Dolphy, Andrew Hill, Gabor Szabo (recent find!), Don Byron, Joey Baron etc. Some ECM stuff is fine too, John Surman, Azimuth etc. I've been in the mood for that type of music again after a break.

I've also listened to quite a lot of noisy "free" or "improv" over the years, like Mats Gustafsson, MoHa! ... I think I'm still categorized under that genre myself in Discogs, even if I haven't recorded anything in it, or barely even listened to that type of stuff, in years (hah).
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Post by Basslint »

Will share some of my favorites too just because if even one person listened to them, I would have done something good with my time: Bill Frisell, T-Square, Casiopea, Masada, Allan Holdsworth.
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