online music instruction ?

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online music instruction ?

Post by davephillips »

Greetings !

For many years I've maintained a teaching schedule of ~20 students (I purposefully restrict the number of students I'll accept) and I've been successful transferring most of them to online sessions due to the impact of the corona virus. So I have some questions for LM members:

1. Have you taken online lessons ? If so, how did you like them, and what would you suggest to improve the experience of the student ?

2. Have you ever taught anything using online tools, specifically any audio/video tools such as Zoom or Skype ? If so, what would you suggest to the developers in order to make a more satisfying experience for the instructor ?

3. As a student, would you prefer an interactive or an asynchronous method ? IOW, would you prefer to exchange pre-made videos or take part in interactive sessions ?

My basic working module includes Skype for the interactive a/v, Facebook Messenger or email for file transfer (tablature, music scores, text), and for online payments. So far it's been working out well. As I mentioned, most of my currently scheduled students are now taking their lessons via Skype, and I've picked up a few extra out-of-state students, mostly former students who have moved away from my home town. I intend to continue to offer the option beyond the corona crisis. I'm very interested in the experiences of other teachers and students, and I'd very much like to hear of alternative technologies that I could look into.

I hope you're all safe and well during these strange days. Thanks for your attention.

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Re: online music instruction ?

Post by Basslint »

Hello Dave, why not switch to Jitsi Meet? It's free software, it doesn't need any external programs other than your browser and does not even require you or your students to create an account!
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