How long do you need to finish a song?

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Re: How long do you need to finish a song?

Postby gimmeapill » Wed Aug 15, 2018 8:47 pm

15 years, more or less. Need some time to compile and test experimental stuff, + the bug reports, etc...

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Re: How long do you need to finish a song?

Postby 42low » Wed Aug 15, 2018 10:33 pm

I am very surprised that a serious part of you take so long (many years) to finish a song.
I actually can't imagine that (not meanth insulting, just really wondering).

Personally i constantly have about 3-5 ideas in my mind which i'm more or less working on and time by time will become releases. And each time i jam a littlebit i find me new fun riffs, that much that most float away unused (i register the best for later use).
If i had the time for it i could release a new one each one or two weeks. And if i would set me to it with the time i have available right now (which i don't) i could release each month (or two). I could finish the available ideas, which quickly would be filled again with the many new (and unused) ones.
And then i don't even start about the quick and simple recordings in between (covers on backing tracks and so). So "years" really surprise me.

But perhaps i understand you wrong?
Are those your extremes but you meanwhile release other "quicker" productions ? Or do you really need that long to release "the next one"?

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