Drum track workflow

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Drum track workflow

Post by hdr »

I'm a guitarist and I'd like to put some drums to my guitar riffs. I have several drum plugins and several drum midi packs.
What's your workflow? How do you find a good drum beat out of all the midi files?
Right now I manually put one midi file after another to my drum track to listen how it sounds to my guitar riff. But that's very inconvenient with hundreds of drum midi files.
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Re: Drum track workflow

Post by matterisvoid »

I'd be curious to see what other members on here have to say about their workflow, because I need some guidance with drum tracks as well. I've been using Hydrogen to just create simple loops to get a song started with the idea that I'll visit the drums again and flesh them out more.

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Re: Drum track workflow

Post by Philotomy »

My normal workflow with drums is to create some basic beats and flesh out the complete song structure. As I work on and record the song, I go back through the drums and add fills, variations, changes, et cetera.

I don't select from a library of MIDI beats or clips, I usually just create my own for the specific song. That can be a mix of manually entering the beats with mouse and keyboard, or it can mean playing the beats on a MIDI controller, or some combination of the two.

I typically use the "drum machine" device that came with Bitwig (my DAW), along with whatever drum samples I want for that song.
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