chord showcasing swiss-knife songs?

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Re: chord showcasing swiss-knife songs?

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fretski wrote:
Mon Nov 23, 2020 7:08 pm
I thought I had just posted about this but cannot find it, maybe I hit the cancel button. My apologies if it's duplication, gonna keep this edition short.

I'm looking for a few 'pleasant enough' songs that use all but only the standard chords in their key. Slow rock would be good as it can be played at different speeds but I'm open to any suggestions.


Killed all the previous video links, here's the final

I'm very happy with the result, this will serve as a basis for doing all the keys just sticking to basics before doing songs and such. By not rushing the tempo I can strum slowly with a bit of sustain over the synth chords and it sounds GREAT! Outside of jamming THIS is the way to learn/practice, no effort required, if you make a mistake you immediately hear it, etc. etc. I might put the series up on youtube when all done. Thank you all for the input, especially merlyn for the "descending-ascent" bit :)


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