Non-Sequencer: record MIDI CC from Ardour (automation)

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Non-Sequencer: record MIDI CC from Ardour (automation)

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This is a bit of a workaround, but might be helpful in some cases. Or this rare concept could be used with other applications.

If you compose a song in Non-Sequencer you can adjust the midi event precisely via the event editor. But it's not easy to draw a midi CC curve for automation of softsynths for instance, which can be useful in a live-setup.

A workaround for this is to Record midi automation from Ardour into Non-Sequencer. This gives you a way to automate the softsynths while playing midi pattern loops in Non-Sequencer.

So you draw a automation curve in Ardour (below a empty midi track) for a certain amount of bars (which matches the length of the non-seq pattern) and then route the midi output of the track in ardour to non-sequencer midi input. Non-sequencer has a record button. You can use Ardour in Jack Transport mode.

Of course, if you enter new notes in the same recorded pattern in non-sequencer, it affects the recorded midi cc curve. So you can use the pattern for automation only, or adjust the new midi notes in the event editor to match the desired CC curve.

Ardour has also Non-Session-Manager (nsm) support, so you can run both in a session (and then later remove Ardour from that session if you prefer)

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