Preparing Linux Mint for audio production, help needed!

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Re: Preparing Linux Mint for audio production, help needed!

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BartSTS wrote:Hello my fellow musicians!
As a total newbie who has just switched from Windows to Linux Mint, I have completly failed with installing all the sound drivers, MIDIs and making any DAW to work without generating lots of xruns. Now I am in real need of help with setting this all over again, but first things first.
What do I need? Be able to record and play sound with my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, use Tuxguitar (with sound), run any DAW stable (Reaper preferably) with a few of Windows VSTs, and use MIDI keyboard. I have followed some youtube tutorials on how to prepare Linux for audio engineers, but ended up with working Reaper but generating alot xruns and with working TuxGT but without sound... Could anybody explain what do I need to do just after installing Linux Mint in order to achieve all of the functions mentioned before? I mean I'd be very happy if anyone could make something like a step-by-step instructions what to install (may be just with the terminal commands) in what order to get everything work properly... Or maybe should I start using Ubuntu Studio instead of Mint? That's an option I'm thinking about, too.

If I am sounding like a total newbie that's propably beacause I am one, don't bash me please :lol:
Just though that maybe you would be interested in knowing that there is a project which puts KXStudio repos and a software selection directly on top of Linux Mint LTS releases:

I am not recommending to do the switch, as my suggestion is to configure your system instead. Just putting this under the radar.

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Re: Preparing Linux Mint for audio production, help needed!

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