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Tutorial : Running Windows VST in linux [draft]

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 7:22 pm
by rghvdberg
This is sort of a draft.
Typing this on my crappy 2009 netbook ;-)
Will update later

Install wine-rt

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sudo apt-get install wine-rt
Optional - Get a current winetricks
For one plugin I needed vcrun2015 installed. The default install of winetricks didn't have that.
Follow instructions from

A lot of plugins require gdiplus to be installed

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winetricks gdiplus
I noticed the plugins that need gdiplus work better with the 32bit versions.

Fix black window
Some plugins show a black window but work otherwise. I had this with OTT and Limiter No6.
Disabling d2d1 in winecfg solved this.