Link Mumble to Mixxx

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Link Mumble to Mixxx

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Hi everybody !

In order to set up a web radio , I configured a server with a dummy ALSA sound card ( the physical card is not activated).
My server runs icecast2 , Mixxx and Mumble .

Currently I have a Windows server running an infrastructure similar to that that I wish to set up on Linux.
Windows server is composed of a Shoutcast server, a MIXXX mixer, a client and a server Mumble. Mumble client is connected to MIXXX thanks to a virtual audio cable generated by Virtual Audio Cable (see attached diagram).

The mumble client is used to relay the voices of people connected with their own client on the Mumble server to MIXXX.

On Linux, I want to set up a similar infrastructure is currently installed on my Windows server. This consists of an Icecast server, a client and a server Mumble, MIXXX and an audio cable to connect my client Mumble to my MIXXX mixer. I have this on forums that Carla is a good app to do that but I don't know how to configure correctly this app to do what I want to achieve.

How can I link my mumble client (With patch jack-support) to Mixxx ?

Thank you in advance ! :)

[img] ... _distr.png[/img]

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