Post fully complete "how to" guides and tutorials here. This is a great place to get feedback on stuff you might put in the wiki.

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Post by gkenne »

I am having a rough time getting anything to work through Jack, Ardour. I'm using a M-Audio Fast track, my friend seemed to think I shouldn't have any problem with it being supported. But, I can't get any sound through Ardour, I am very new with linux, at least tweaking anything. Jack seems so difficult to figure out and the documentation for both Jack and Ardour seems to be written for someone who has a degree in Linux or at least already knows exactly what they are talking about, Is there just a common sense step by step process for figuring out how to connect the existing audio connection to the applications. I don't get it, I tried getting this to work about a year ago and I got so frustrated with where to even find the information I needed to get started, I eventually just gave it up. I'm hoping I can get somewhere this time. I need much help, apparently.

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Post by Pablo »

Is there just a common sense step by step process for figuring out how to connect the existing audio connection to the applications.
It is very difficult to write something like that. If it doesn't focus on a particular Linux distribution it will be difficult to understand for beginners. That's what jack and Ardour's docs do. They try to be distro-neutral so they have to use the terminal and words that can be understand by, admittedly advanced, users of any distro. Note that there are at least six different Desktop Environments that linuxmusicians use, lots of Linux distributions, lots of different hardware... :?

For a beginner, the best they can do is installing a specialized distro. Kxstudio has a wonderful support here at LM. If not, at least you have to say what distro you are using and please post the question in another board. "system tuning and configuration" is fine. :)

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I recently bought the Numark Mixtrack Pro from eBay, and it came with an AKAI LPD8 drumpad. I was thinking of selling the LPD8, but I won't get much money for it, so I figured, if I am going to keep it, I should learn how to use it. I have used Hydrogen before, but only with the mouse and very little keyboard input.

Can someone walk me through setting up my LPD8 to work with Hydrogen on Linux, from start to finish, including a thorough building of a drumbeat? And please hold my hand and guide me as though I know nothing about anything.

I did get so far so as to set up and run the LPD8 Editor software, but I have no idea how to use it, or where to go from there. Thank you for your time.

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Post by unfa »

I'm looking for a comprehensive LADISH manual/guide/howto/tutorial.
Sine my searches did not succeed I'm asking here.

All I found was a little tutorial in the KX Studio documentaiton, but that's fairly basic.

I'd like to understand this system to the bone, what, why and how, everything.

Do you know any good in-depth documents about LADISH?

Side note: I'm using KX Studio Live DVD 14.04 and it's own tools as a LADISH front-end.

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Post by StudioDave »

unfa wrote:I'm looking for a comprehensive LADISH manual/guide/howto/tutorial.
Not up-to-date but perhaps relevant :

NSM is a better choice than LADISH, in my opinion.



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Post by Shadow_7 »

Command Line based EQ for jackDBus?

I tend to run a pulseaudio over jack setup when I get interested in audio. Although I've known of it for a while, I recently tried a networked pulseaudio setup. And I'm kind of liking it. Is there a command line EQ option like calf's 32 band, jackEQ, or nyquists nband? I kind of want to offload the jack and eq processing to it's own machine (sbc) and free up some processing resources on my primary machines. This would prevent me from doubling my audio hardware. And the EQ would compensate for my old speakers by boosting the high end. I'm hoping a Pi B would handle this task, and I really don't want to dedicate a display device. I have a few other options too, but their display options are pretty much toast as well. So something usable over ssh would be swell.

I'm no stranger to the command line. And I've used the jack_connect route from the CLI for making connections before. I'm just coming up shy on EQ options that are not gui based. There's a few ladspa, lv2, and whatnot options, but most of those are out dated or lack the commandline program to use the API's. The calf option seems to be the only common denominator that exists on all distros like debian stable and arch rolling, but it's not headless.

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