Best budget condenser?

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Re: Best budget condenser?

Post by roberthfx »

I would have say avoid the affordable condenser and go with a ribbon mic instead. cheaper condensers tend to add a lot of high end to recording source and unless you get above the $1000 mark in the end result can be a little harsh imo. i would look for similar priced ribbon with a decent pre-amp. just a thought.

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Re: Best budget condenser?

Post by Smurf43 »

I know this is an ANCENT thread, but I have to jump in a suggest a Behringer matter what folks say about Behringers stuff I have always had great luck with their products, and when dealing with them when I had my one problem out of 10 years of using their stuff....

You can go here to see & here it, along with the 200 series pre-amp that, IMHO, stands up well to my Art Tube MP...

I own the MXL990, Behringer B2 & C3 mics (among others), and I have to say the 2 Berrys sound much smoother than the MXL990...the 990 has a harsh high end to my ear....

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Re: Best budget condenser?

Post by jitup »

Since this thread is still sort of kickn' I figured I'd chime in what I found. I ended up getting a ATA2050 a bit back and love it. I think it dose a nice job for acoustic guitar. I am really pleased with the sound. For a demo of the mic with no processing at all check out the tune mindful wanderings. This is just my sort of experiment page. I did a test of it recently and decided not to process the signal at all to see how it sounds. A few rouge frequencies and could use a good eqing but this was all about just picking up my guitar and jamming on a whim so I sort of like them after there other layers build up. Guitar is a super cheap takamine. ... 8091127385

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Re: Best budget condenser?

Post by warkus »

The Samson C02 is the best sounding budget mic I have heard (much better than my AT2020.) I have not heard it on acoustic guitar but is an awesome mic for guitar amps, also good mic for metal vocals. At only $150 a pair they are hard to compete with in the budget market.

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Re: Best budget condenser?

Post by MattKingUSA »

I just recently picked up some EC-5 battery powered condenser mics and they're excellent. You can find them cheap on ebay. I've not actually recorded anything with them that I've kept but all the testing sounds great. I'm planning to record some vintage sounding music though. The mics are from the late 70s and early 80s. :D

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