Advice on Stereo to Mono

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Advice on Stereo to Mono

Post by etienne »

Hi all!

I am looking for a quick, cheap and dirty way to turn a stereo signal from a TRS "jack" plug into a mono signal on a TS "jack" plug on the other end of the cable.

A bit of Google-ing has told me that I must just connect both the Tip and Ring of the stereo plug to the Tip of the mono plug, preferably with a very small resistor, if possible, to avoid clipping.

Will this work, before I go and make a mess of soldering my connections too many times?

(P.S. I already know how the quick and dirty way to "convert" a balanced TRS to an unbalanced TS. This is NOT what I am trying to do.)

Thanks for any help!

Etienne Snyman

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