Mod Tracker - very low RAM

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Mod Tracker - very low RAM

Post by Skorpp »

Maybe not the right place to ask but I'm gonna do it anyhow :) I have a very low spec 11 year-old Toshiba laptop (750 MHz - 128 Mb RAM) and obviously it's becoming to slow for surfing (no problem, I have two other more up-to-date computers ;)). I'd like to keep that old laptop for "armchair" music composition (while sitting with the rest of the family watching tv for instance). In the past I used Octamed on my Amiga but unfortunately Octamed doesn't exist for Linux :s. I think LMMS will be to heavy for 128 RAM so I need other alternatives. Another option would be upgrading RAM memory but I don't like to spend any money on it. Any ideas anyone ?

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Re: Mod Tracker - very low RAM

Post by Capoeira »

have a look at those:

cheesetracker (12)
A tracker for making music with. An Impulse Tracker clone.

goattracker 2.72-1 (21)
GoatTracker is a crossplatform C64 music tracker. Included in this
package are also the tools betaconv ins2snd2 mod2sng sngspli2

milkytracker 0.90.85-1 (107)
FastTracker 2 inspired music tracker

protrekkr 1.98k_linux_svn_357-1 (Out of Date) (5)
Tracker program to create electronic music (like psytrance, trance goa,
hard acid, IDM, chip, techno, etc.) for small sized intros, demos or

schismtracker-hg 2741-1 (3)
A music editor based on Impulse Tracker.

soundtracker 0.6.8-1 (27)
A pattern-oriented music tracker similar to FastTracker2 with support
for jackd, oss and esd.

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