my home studio

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my home studio

Post by becks »

fender strato mex
epiphone les paul gold top
epiphone casino
acoustic samick
acoustic 12 strings

bass: 5 string, yamaha bb415
synth: roland sh201
mixer: behringer 1204 fx
audio: edirol fa101
multitrack recorder: tascam dp01fx
preamp: studioprojects vtb1

line6 podx3 live
behringer vamp2

monitor: mstudio bx5a
microphone: shure sm57

a couple of debian box
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Re: my home studio

Post by studio32 »

Wow nice home studio. Nice and decent instruments :)

Does that line6 works on linux?

And what is that on your wall, music theory?

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Re: my home studio

Post by MattKingUSA »


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Re: my home studio

Post by thorgal »

I wish I had that many guitars! :D
but I am looking for eastern fretless guitar like instruments. I am working on 2 songs with a strong eastern feel to them. A fretted guitar is not ideal ...

What do you use 2 debian boxes for ? I was musing with this idea lately, jackd has really improved with netjack becoming mature. One could think about different boxes with well separated purposes. But low latency is probably not an option in this setup.

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Re: my home studio

Post by benzene »

Nice toolkit! Say, you wouldn't happen to know how to get an M-Audio Fast Track to record stereo with ALSA, would you? I seem to be getting only the right track and I very much would like to have both left and right tracks recording. I've been having the worst kind of luck with equipment lately.

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