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Re: ableton

Post by davephillips »

channelite wrote:...Bitwig 2.3.5 is still really good so I’ll wait for a better upgrade if I ever do upgrade again.
My sentiments exactly. I'd be more excited by the grid if I weren't already far into VCV Rack.



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Re: ableton

Post by merlyn »

I think there's a misunderstanding here. The OP is conflating Ableton the software with the Ableton Push.
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"What do you play?"

"Guitar, and you?"

"Sax. What about him?"

"Oh, he plays Ableton."

Playing the Ableton has become a thing. My friend has one and I've had a shot of it. He brought it to a rehearsal and a few musicians had a go. I don't think we were too impressed. If you can already play the keyboard then it's kind of nutty relearning fingerings. A teenage bass player had a go and I thought he would take to it, it being a generational thing. "How do I get a minor scale?" he asked me. His interest was in the music and a keyboard makes more sense for that.

For someone who has come to music through an Ableton (a Push) then, yeah, it could be an instrument.
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Re: ableton

Post by jonetsu »

merlyn wrote: For someone who has come to music through an Ableton (a Push) then, yeah, it could be an instrument.
I have a Launchpad Mini that I sometimes use. The main thing with this, and Bitwig, is to be able to play and clip and scenes that are already created, and to record such live playing of clips into the Arranger in real-time. Not to mimic a keyboard or a drum machine, although it can, but very poorly. It can also modify volume levels and panning but once again, quite poorly compared to real knobs.

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