Behriner auto-config (sort of)

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Behriner auto-config (sort of)

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I don't know if I would call this a "celebration", but here goes: I have a Yamaha AW16G (16-track hardware recorder) that I like a lot. By design, it has no USB or other built-in digital connection to the outside world (except S/PDIF). Being limited (at first) to using its CD-write function as digital output, I wanted something better. But reading about Linux audio interface issues, I was a bit intimidated. After a lot of reading, I bought a Behringer UMC202HD 2-channel unit (I have an older Windows box and an older Mac Book Pro as backups in case the Linux route turned into a flop). Since the main Linux system is one side of the studio space, and the 16G is connected to a slew of instruments on the other side, I took a chance on seeing if an older Linux laptop (Ubuntu 16.04, not even Ubuntu Studio!) would even *see* the Behringer I/F. (I am planning on getting a more streamlined arrangement at some point; at first I just wanted to get something rolling along.)

What do you know: my first purchase *ever* of an audio interface, hooked it up to Linux, and it worked right out of the box! No downloads, no documentation needed to get it recording. It appeared in the audio input device list (by name!). I set the levels and fed a test stereo mix from the 16G's STEREO/AUX OUT analog ports through the 202HD's channels, recorded into the laptop's Audacity app, saved the file, and then used sftp to get a copy over to the main Linux system (Ubuntu Studio with Ardour 5).

Boom with Ardour! Full fidelity, no detectable noise during the silent parts, and *great* S/N ratio. I guess that sometimes it helps to look things up, and just go for it and see what happens. Anyone else who is hesitant about first hookups, I guess just do the reading, make your selection, and plug it in. Bombs away!

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