Cool resources about Headphones and Acoustics

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Cool resources about Headphones and Acoustics

Post by CrocoDuck »

Hi guys,

I already mentioned this material in this post, but I though to open a new thread just to lower the chance of missing it for people that might find this interesting.

It is the page of David Griesinger:, which contains many links to downloadable material.

I actually don't quite know who the guy is, but after reading this presentation he seems to me he is an expert, professional and serious scientist in the field of acoustics, binaural audio and headphones. All the information in the presentation made sense to me and seemed well documented, with rational proofs, measurements and hypotheses.

He also has a YouTube channel with many videos worth to check out (even few tutorials).

Hope you find it interesting!
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Re: Cool resources about Headphones and Acoustics

Post by Luc »

Good stuff. Thank you.

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