Sonnus I2m audio/midi

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Sonnus I2m audio/midi

Post by paulelie »

i have this thing (works very well in windows!)
and i have trouble setting it up on my kxstudio....
it is:(from an answer from a sonnus forum)
james wrote:It does work on Linux - the audio/MIDI drivers are standard, so any software that supports standard USB-Audio Class drivers should support the i2M. But we don't provide any Linux software (drivers, editor, etc).

To use audio input on the i2M, you need software that will allow you to use one device as the input (i2M) and another as the output. In OSX, the common audio applications allow this. In Windows, they don't so the i2M ASIO driver lets you do this. I don't know what Linux provides.

My comment about testing with MIDI only is to get a good starting point so you know everything is working before you try to use audio on the i2M. We recommend the same thing with Windows and OSX too.
i would love to play guitar with it!
please help me to set it up corectly
you want to see what i do?

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Re: Sonnus I2m audio/midi

Post by Drumfix »

Start jack with the sound device you use for sound output. Then use the alsa_in utility to connect your I2M to the running jack server.
See "man alsa_in"

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