Playing live gigs with Linux

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Playing live gigs with Linux

Post by apathity »

I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but what are people using to actually play in a rehearsal room or very small gigs?

Because I might have my first live gig using Linux next year... I have no idea how to do this, but my requirements are fairly simple.

Basically I will be using a PC with Focusrite Scarlett interface, some Linux flavor with Jack and Guitarix installed, and then have some backing tracks running in Ardour or maybe even just simple VLC or similar player, along with a video for the track on a big screen.

It's basically a typical "backing track plus guitarist" thing, a one-man gig in front of only a small group of people, so it doesn't have to be really loud.

In my home studio I play all audio through my cheap M-Audio studio monitors.

But for the gig I was thinking about playing the backing track through one system, and have the guitar I play come out of a different system, maybe a small cabinet or something?

So basically what are your recommendations for a gig like that?

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Re: Playing live gigs with Linux

Post by Broomy »

I've played a lot using my laptop along with my PreSonus 1818VSL soundcard.
I played one or more (bass)-guitars.
Depending on the situation I connected my soundcard output directly to the pa-system and used a simple floor speaker as a monitor.
If there was no backline I used my own stuff: a stereo tube poweramp with two speakers.

In all situations I was able to get a good sound.

If your soundcard has several outputs you can split your guitar from your backingtrack and do the mix on the pa-system.
If not then a single cabinet can be usable, and you have to make your mix on the computer.
Both options will work but the first one will let you change your mix easier, I guess.

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Re: Playing live gigs with Linux

Post by glowrak guy »

Go to a bunch of small venue shows, and see what's in use, and how you like the results.
Your choices will vary if accoustic guitars will be used sometimes. Being able to practice
on what you perform with, will avoid some issues, maybe you can demo some of the
portable PA's like Fender and other makers offer:

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