Experiments with Mixxx, Jack & Ardour to create a "Super DJ

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Experiments with Mixxx, Jack & Ardour to create a "Super DJ

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I'm experimenting with using Mixxx with Jack and Ardour to create a "Super Mixer" (Linux Magazine, June 2013 referred to Ardour3 as a Super Mixer). This could allow multiple instances of Mixxx to be used and other sound sources. It's also a way of of making a multi-track recording of a mix for later editing.

http://djbarney.wordpress.com/2013/05/0 ... ith-mixxx/

IMO Jack and Ardour seem to get overlooked as part of a DJ set-up. The perception seems to be that Jack and Ardour are for more traditional acoustic sound recording and studio setups. However Ardour is really conceptually no different to Mixxx apart from the ability to crossfade. I appear to have found a solution to this by using a bus and crossfader plugin in Ardour that will be the basis for an A/B DJ mixing setup. Jack allows a Linux system to be made into a huge "Super DJ Mixer" which IMO is a new paradigm of DJ mixing for the 21st century that allows different applications to work together.


I am currently seeking out a better crossfading plugin.

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