Please share your gnu/linux music production setup

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Re: Please share your gnu/linux music production setup

Postby chaocrator » Sun Sep 24, 2017 5:10 pm

chaocrator wrote:updated my list again.
now i have two hardware synths, 4-timbral PreenFM2 for FM synthesis, and 6-timbral Novation Nova Laptop for subtractive/analog modeling synthesis, with total polyphony of 24 to 30 voices (depending of FM patch complexity).

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Re: Please share your gnu/linux music production setup

Postby Humbug2403 » Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:09 pm

Hello, I'm new here. My Name is Eliot and I'm from the UK. I hope what I am about to declare isn't laughable :lol:

Currently using a HP ProBook 6460b with a CORE i5 CPU and an M-Audio M-Track and ESi U24XL interfaces.

I'm running x64 Linux Mint 18.2.1 on a 2TB hard drive that I swapped out for the 300 GB one that came with the laptop.

I play guitar, write songs and sing. Produce my own songs...etc.

The software I have currently installed and working on this book (using wine, POL and crossover with wineasio x64) are as follows: x64 Cakewalk Sonar Platinum 23, x64 Cakewalk Sonar 8.5.3 Producer, x64 Reaper 5.60, Kontakt x64 with Komplete Library, Korg Legacy Collection (x86), Cakewalk Rapture Pro (x64), Sony SoundForge 11 (x86) as audio editor (also got native Audacity), Addictive Drums, Amplitube 4, Guitar Rig and a few other bits and bobs.

This Linux DAW works well even with the non-native windows applications running that I mention above.

The only 2 pitfalls I have are that a: I can't get cakewalk programs to use wineasio.dll, so I use the higher latency MME driver instead. Reaper, Kontakt, Addictive Drums, Amplitube and Guitar Rig all work well with wineasio. I am getting about 5.3 milliseconds stable latency without xruns using wineasio and jackd2. I get a latency of about 10 ms when using the MME driver. b: I can't get SoundForge to appear in the tools menu of either version of Sonar, despite putting the correct entries in the registry. Any ideas or help would be very much appreciated...

Other than that, Reaper works fine with all the above plug-ins and wineasio. It also uses SoundForge as it's editor.

I am on the virge of dumping windows for good. :D
London, UK.
Me: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and Song Writing.
Linux Enthusiast and Home Studio Producer.

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Re: Please share your gnu/linux music production setup

Postby jonathanbrickman0000 » Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:57 pm

A few different keyboard controllers, running to The Box of No Return:

which is octocore AMD at 4GHz running four JACK servers in concert with zita-njbridge linking them, a total of four Yoshimis, several Calf fluidsynth players, Calf filters here and there, and non-mixer to keep stream mixing as clean as possible! :D Mackie Onyx Artist on the output, best audio DA I've ever used, lets me run it all at 96 kHz.
Jonathan E. Brickman

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Re: Please share your gnu/linux music production setup

Postby OllFe » Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:13 pm

Name: OllFe

Usage: jam and track recording, live performance

Hardware used:
i7 4x4GHz, 32Gb RAM, 480Gb SSD, Focusrite 18i8 first gen
eDrum 2box drumit five
Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator 12, 14, 16
Bastl Instruments microGranny

MIDI keys:
Nektar Impact GX61
Arturia Keystep
Novation 25 SL MkII

MIDI controller:
Roland Octapad 80
Alesis controlpad
Korg nanoKontrol 1 & 2
Korg nanoPad
Akai midimix
Behringer BCR2000

Software used:
KXStudio with Xubuntu desktop and lowlatency kernel 4.4, Claudia, Ardour, SooperLooper, AMsynth, Podolski, Helm, Calf

Sooperlooper crashes when start record and transport is not running (synced to jack)

Overall rating:
time consuming but high potential ;)

With this setup we want to play live electro. A music video in rehearsal room that shows how we work will be availible soon and i want to share.

Greets from germany!
live performed - linux powered - loop based - electro band

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Re: Please share your gnu/linux music production setup

Postby skei » Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:18 pm

tor-helge skei

'pro' band/project album recordings, remixes, live performances..

1) studio: intel i5, 2.67 ghz (yeah, a quite old one), 8gb ram
2) live: intel i7, something, something, (much faster than 'the box'), ssd, 8gb ram

linux mint 18.3, 64bit
lowlatency kernel
kxstudio repositories

audio interfaces:
2 x ni audio kontrol 1 (one each for laptop and studio box)
alesis io4 (not used for a while)
behringer ua 200 (not used for a while)

midi controllers:
akai apc 40 mk2
akai apc key 25
akai apc mini
akai midimix
arturia beatstep
behringer umx 25
behringer fcb1010
edirol pcr-300
korg nanokey2
korg naonkontrol2
korg nanopad2
novation launchpad
novation nocturn (doesn't work properly in linux, not class compliant)
novation sl zero mk2
roland pc-200 mk2
seaboard rise block

other hardware:
axoloti core
arduino uno (and a bunch of sensors and stuff)
behringer ms16 monitors
behringer v-amp 2 (guitar processor)
digitech element xp (guitar processor)
raspberry pi
a couple of cheap gibson les paul (guitar) clones
a few cheap microphones and piezo sensors

bitwig 2
reaper (beta linux version)
reaper (windows version, via wine)
tons of self-made vst and jesusonic plugins
every available free linux vst plugins
illformed glitch
renoise redux
u-he ace
u-he hive

... and everything else i forgot ... :-)

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Re: Please share your gnu/linux music production setup

Postby chaocrator » Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:15 pm

so, today i've completed moving audio tasks to the hardware side of the force, and leaving to software what it does the best — MIDI.
a brand new cold digital heart of my rig is Zoom LiveTrak L-12, a mixer, multitrack recorder and USB audio interface 3-in-1.

from now on, no DAWs, no softsynts, no plugins, no stuff like that on stage.
computers (laptops) are left to do only controlling jobs, as it all was conceived in 80s ))

so, my rig also has a brand new spinal cord, which is Miditech 8x8 MIDI interface, and updated brain, i mean the software list:

Sequencer64 — the master sequencer (you people very unwisely underestimate it)
B-Step Sequencer — the slave sequencer, usually a few instances
Machina — another slave sequencer
Mididings — for MIDI processing tasks
Carla with various MIDI plugins — for various helper tasks of MIDI processing.

i'm almost happy with this setup. the only thing i still have not done is distributing sequencers between 2 laptops, just in case one of them crashes.

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Re: Please share your gnu/linux music production setup

Postby chaocrator » Fri May 18, 2018 7:55 am

ordered a couple of axoloti cores.
it turns that my rig can stop being linux-based (or any general purpose OS-based) at all, if i manage to program for axoloti all MIDI processing tasks i need.

update: actually, not very likely to happen, or at least not soon. but MIDI routing to/from hardware controllers and synths is not on linux box anymore.

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Re: Please share your gnu/linux music production setup

Postby protozone » Sun Jun 03, 2018 1:37 am

Name: Protozone (not my real name, of course) :lol:

home project studio (synthesis/composing/sound design/mixing/mastering)

Hardware used:
Refurbished HP laptop (8 GB RAM) running 32-bit MX Linux (Debian Stretch linked) with the AVLINUX Realtime Kernel.
Logitech Z200 computer speakers; TASCAM DR-05 portable recorder. "Shakedown" headphones.

Software used:
32-bit Reaper, 32-bit FL Studio 10 & 20, Mulab (demo), Foobar2000 (for conversions); r8brain, AudioMove; 32-bit EnergyXT all via 32-bit WINE in Windows 7 mode. Other stuff: AnalogX TapTempo, Appetizer, RapidEE, Starter, AutoRuns, a lot of NirSoft utilities, cCleaner... etc. PhotoFiltre, IrfanView.

I use TONS of freeware VST effects and instruments, and a paid-for version of Vember Surge.

I also occasionally use Qtractor or LMMS and very much enjoy the Linux general usage instead of Windows or MacOS.
Other Linux stuff: OcenAudio, Audacious, VLC, MKVtoolNix, Parole, XnView, Asunder, XFburn, Gespeaker.
The FL Studio ASIO (with ASIO4all) works great for all of the programs that need ASIO.

Issues with the system (problems, complaints):
My monitoring system is very primitive and I can't really monitor the bass very well yet.
I used to have some paid-for Image-Line VST instruments but I lost my accound and files and backups due to some drama in my personal life :cry: :oops:
I'd really like to be running MultitrackStudio Pro Plus, but it's not compatible enough for stable use.

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