Please share your gnu/linux music production setup

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Re: Please share your gnu/linux music production setup

Post by hefxthoth »

Name: Cris
Usage: music composition and production. Sound design

This is my main list of audio software at this moment:

- Ubuntu Studio

- Reaper + stock/JS plugins (easily satisfies all my needs)
- Renoise (I have fun tracking, but not my first choice now. One of the bests samplers I know. Great tool for sample based sound design and stem based compositions sketches)
- Musescore (I use to arrange music; learn and practice music theory)

- Surge/Surge XT (almost all I need to make instruments. I love macros to make subsynths inside this beast)
- Yoshimi (a gem for pads and keys)

Special mention to software I've been making use of in the past, or I use punctually now:

- ardour + LSP plugins + Robin Gareus meters (in my opinion, the best GPL tandem for mixing and mastering)
- CALF plugins (great sounding modulation effects)
- dexed (I've learned a lot of FM synthesis thank to this synth)
- TAL noizemaker (good sounding analog/substractive synth)
- Helm (the synth that opened up the road to modern sounds on linux)
- SunVox (not open source, but a gem to make creative experiments)
- Pure data (a canvas to the workshop level)
- Cabbage (The best framework for CSound I've know. Unfortunately, never succeeded installing it on a linux system)
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Re: Please share your gnu/linux music production setup

Post by glowrak guy »

Part of my setup is a Nux 'Mighty Plug' MP-2, a $75 miniaturized amp/effects studio that plugs into your guitar's cable jack, and has headphone and usb ports. The extensive editing possibilities are done wireless with an app on your phone or tablet. The factory app is augmented by an open-source competitor by 'Tuntori', with more and better features. It's found welcome homes in my Alesis QS8 synth's headphone jack, the audio output of my IK Uno synth, and input of my old ART effects rack, and also via usb connection in AVLinux, to whatever software is looking to be amped up a bit. There are seven sound slots to be cycled through by the one big button on the face of the unit, lit up a different color for each one. So handy as a preamp-pedal replacement, whether using the phone app or not.

Here's one of many reviews:
My current youtube playlist: ... 8-_TqqZ7ij

The song title and cover art may be clues to song's theme. Also at Spotify. Hope you find a keeper! Artist name on good days, is: Franklin Cheney
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