Presonus 1824c headphone configuration

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Presonus 1824c headphone configuration

Post by kylekendall »

I have scoured the internet, and contacted Presonus directly to no avail. Presonus interfaces with two headphone outs are configured out of the box with headphone 1 coming from the master stereo out(1&2), while headphone 2 is fed from outs 3&4. I have tried everything I can think of in my DAW, which is Ardour, and with JACK connections. I cannot seem to get headphone 2 to produce sound. Is there a kind soul here who might illuminate me?
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Re: Presonus 1824c headphone configuration

Post by ArezStrange »

I didn't know alla bout, but for me, with ardour, carla and the Presonus 1810c card the 2 headphones are fully fonctionnal for monitoring.
They don't need to be routed by sofware, I can listen by adjusting the level in front.
I read somewhere else (don't remember where, sorry) that you can passs by windows to configure some set in 1810c in windows, it keep setup even if you turn off. And you use it on Linux.
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