Please share your gnu/linux music production setup

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Re: Please share your gnu/linux music production setup

Post by gennargiu »

Hi update my setup.... I remove dx7,d50 an m1 and insert 6 korg volca series :D

Hp Elite 8200 3,1 Ghz - 16 Giga Ram Hd 2 Terabyte - studiomusic64-Ubuntu Studio 18.04-Ardour 5,12 - Mixbus 5
Asus X54c - studiomusic64- Mx Linux 19.3-Ardour 5.12- Mixbus 5-RPI3 + Raspbian Buster- Rpi4 (4giga ram)

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Re: Please share your gnu/linux music production setup

Post by alan »

Name: Alan
Usage: home studio

Hardware used
Laptop: Dell Vostro 14 5480
Audio Interface: Roland Rubix 24
MIDI Controller: Akai MPK Mini II

Software used: GNU/Linux Debian (bullseye - sid) with KXStudio, Ardour, LMMS, Rosegarden, Qsynth, Helm, QJackctl, Patchage

So far everything working fine \o/ :)

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Re: Please share your gnu/linux music production setup

Post by pksings »

Name: Paul
Usage: Home Studio, live band performance, Pro DJ.
Hardware Used:Gigabyte 7LMT-USB3 R2, with AMD Phenom x4 16GB RAM, NVME /home and SATA / SSD drives. Soundcraftsmen 16 channel mixer with Lexicon effects. :
Built-in Audio for Stereo recording and playback. USB audio for headphone monitoring
Mics; EV 987, 957, Shure SM58s, Rode 1
Stands: Atlas, Manhasset, Ultimate Support
Handmade cables: Neutrik, pure copper cabling, hand soldered connections with 40 year old solder (the good stuff).
Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS,
Software: Ubuntustudio, Qjackctl, Jack, Audacity, Audacious, Mixxx, Ardour, UbuntuStudio-control (auto-add USB audio)
Issues: None, clean, sounds great, solid.

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Re: Please share your gnu/linux music production setup

Post by gauger »

Name: Barry
Usage: Home Studio, electronic music production
Yamaha MX88 keyboard/synth, USB audio capture and midi works
Roland SH01 Gaia keyboard/synth, USB audio not supported, midi working
Novation Circuit. USB midi works, doesn't do USB audio. Online circuit editor works but it's buggy, VST editors with wine, very buggy
Focusrite 2i2 Gen 3, works great
Yamaha MG10 analogue mixer
Mics: Shure SM58s, focusrite condenser
laptop Samsung Series 9 NP900x4a
Operating System: Ubuntu Studio 18.04
Software: Reaper DAW, Jack and various tools
Issues: USB audio support for the Roland would be great, it's audio output is noisy!
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