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Re: MOD Devices sponsors

Postby Gianfranco » Mon Oct 22, 2018 11:16 pm

fundamental wrote:
Just out of curiosity what do you mean by "space" here? Is this referring to a physical space for interaction with new hardware or primarily a different set of discussion avenues with MOD core members? I tried to look it up when this topic first appeared, though either info was more sparse on the mod website than expected or I was looking in the wrong places.

Sorry. My wording was not good. "Environment" would have been a much better option than "spaces".

MOD Labs materializes when we attend hackathons and the likes, but it is mostly an online entity.

Our main customer base requires constraints to our products products that clash with some expectations of the hacker/maker/developer audience. The later group is smaller than the first, but it is equally important. That said, part of the MOD Labs initiative is to provide this parallel environment, with way less rules and constraints.

If a parallel fits, I'd say it is similar to the Debian system. We already have our stable/testing environments and we're now creating Sid.

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Re: MOD Devices sponsors

Postby Linuxmusician01 » Wed Dec 05, 2018 1:41 pm

  1. I need this forum to ask questions.
  2. I need this forum for its archive of knowledge.

So I just donated €10 via Paypal to (see this topic too). Wish I could do that automatically every year so I wont forget. :)

I hope that falkFX (from the KXStudio repository and distribution) does not leave this forum. Thanks everybody for making it possible to create music on Linux.

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