Greetings from Spain

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Greetings from Spain

Postby Nachei » Fri Feb 17, 2012 3:59 am

Hi there, my name is Nacho, I'm a Spanish musician and Linux geek, I'm 36, and very glad of having found this site. Here is a bit of my background:

After several scattered attempts with Suse and other distros, I finally installed Puppy Linux in 2008 as my stable OS, and a few months later, I was confident enough to go windowsless. I have also toyed around with Ubuntu and Debian, among others.

As for the music, I used to play guitar and sing in a punk rock band in the nineties, I called the whole thing off out of burnout in 2002 (just like Megadeth, one of my favorite bands, funny coincidence :) ), and it is not until 2009 that I took my guitar out of its cover again.

Now I'm composing a lot, discovering a lot of open source tools, and feeling a bit sorry for all the time lost :cry: . As a musician, I see myself as a good composer, a so-so performer, and a complete disaster at recording; it is a field that used to look like a burden to me (live gigs were the real thing), but I've come to appreciate its possibilities and the craftwork side of it.

Not to say that I'm a master, of course; for starters, my needs and gear are still minimal; I am currently going the singer-songwriter route, I record voice and guitar via Audacity on separate tracks using a microphone with a tiny mixer, the Samson G-Track, and my next stop would be recording something I'm confident enough to put on Jamendo, something like that.

So, I am very happy of finding a community of like-minded people to share experiences and projects... See you round!

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Re: Greetings from Spain

Postby GraysonPeddie » Fri Feb 17, 2012 8:20 pm

Hi, there. Welcome to LinuxMusicians! :)

Enjoy your stay in the forums and have fun creating music.
--Grayson Peddie

Music Interest: New Age w/ a mix of modern smooth jazz, light techno/trance & downtempo -- something Epcot Future World/Tomorrowland-flavored.

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Re: Greetings from Spain

Postby Pablo » Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:34 pm

Welcome! Bienvenido!

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