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New Here

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First off, I'd like to say that this site is a great resource. After a 10 year hiateous from guitar/recording I've started to get back into music (inspired when my wife started looking for things in storage and around the house to donate and/or throw out). Since then I've been trying to gather as much information as I can to get back into recording, but after stumbling across this site I can safely replace my bookmarks with the postings of studio32 and some of the other informative folks.

But anyways, my background with Linux goes back quite a ways and I've been working as a sysadmin for a long time. I am excited about the possibilities that Linux audio software brings (a few downloads have put my old Tascam 8-track studio to shame).

Musically, I'm interested in Industrial/Metal/Pop or anything else that can keep my interest.

Hopefully we can keep these forums active.

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Welcome to the forum SR.

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Post by thorgal »

welcome here :)

If you are interested in indus/metal/pop stuff and more, you might be interested in Nine Inch Nails who released his lastest album "The Slip" for free on his website :

You can download the album in whatever format you want, even 24bit/96kHz WAV format (which I did through bittorrent). Isn't that cool of Trent Raznor ? :)

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Post by zettberlin »

Yeah! Cool and with a proper license - my gravest respect and thanks to Reznor!
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